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Prepare for your Internship Role!

Hi all! Jin here again 🙂

For weeks before the start of my internship, I buried myself at the sewing machine at home. With Youtube tutorials on repeat, I was determined to teach myself the fundamentals of sewing. I wanted to understand how garments were made to prepare myself for the production side of the industry.

Turns out, the weeks of sewing helped! I understood technical terms, like seam allowance, top stitching, baste stitch, interfacing,  resort/holiday/pre-spring seasons, when communicating with factories and designers. It’s very important to take initiative and familiarize yourself with the industry you’re going into. Your supervisor will be VERY impressed with your use of industry vocabulary 😉

Preparing for your day is as important as initial preparation for the internship. You probably heard this a lot but make sure to have that To-Do list! It’s one of those simple things we often underestimate their power. Make sure to write your To-Do list at the beginning of the day so you can visually see your tasks throughout the day. Being able to cross off tasks is incredibly satisfying as well!

And that’s it for now! Thanks for reading and hope you are preparing for your next internship as well 🙂