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First Impression – NYC Fashion Internship

Hello all! My name is Jin, a rising Senior concentrating in Operations Management. Growing up in a family of seamstresses, I was exposed to fashion at a young age. As a business student, I wanted to explore the business operations behind the fashion world and I’m honored to be interning at Rebecca Taylor, a brand known for modern femininity, in its Production department. (Thanks Indeed.com for exposing me to this internship opportunity).

My initial impression of the company was negative, as the Glassdoor reviews stated “every department has awful, I can’t even call them women, as they act like little girls at lunch. Cattiness, trash talking, No work life balance…” However employees in the Production department turned out to be amazing women who genuinely care about what I want to get out of the internship and never fail to make sure I feel welcomed. Advice I learned is always take online reviews with a grain of salt; consider that only those who have strong opinions will ever write a review.

The first week was a week of absorbing information, asking questions and understanding how the company operates. I also set out a goal to learn about each Production employee on a deeper level and listen to their two-cents about the industry. I personally think the first week is the best week because there is so many new people to meet and new things to learn that every day is something new.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about the next few weeks of my fashion internship in NYC! Thanks for reading 🙂