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Sales, Marketing, and Data, Oh My!

Myself and the other two interns, Brandon and Wyatt, have been working at the Melanoma Foundation of New England for a few weeks now and I have had a chance to survey a couple different types of work. For the first few weeks we worked mostly in sales by calling each of the organizations that already received dispensers from us to make sure that all their parts had arrived and there were no issues with the dispenser. We also compiled a list of places we think would benefit from our dispensers and cold called them.

The next week, I worked with Marketing and PR to update all of our social media accounts and create a database of new potential customers from a salon one of my coworkers attended recently. Throughout the week I also compiled a list of gyms in the Waltham area and called each of them to ask if we could advertise our upcoming 5K in their gym and on their social media. This week Wyatt is working in marketing and will be hanging up posters for the 5K in the gyms that said we could.

This week we will be working on field research which means we finally get to outside and observe a dispenser in action. This will give us some good information about how the dispensers are being used and how often. When potential customers call a lot of them have questions about how much sunscreen they will need which is difficult to answer without this research so we’re excited to be gathering this data. The data will also help with our long term project, the proposal to the board of trustees for more funding.

Next week I am excited to help run the big golf tournament that MFNE has been preparing for for a year. We hope to have a huge success and raise a lot of money from large donors. For anyone else looking to help, you can simply use our dispensers which are placed all around Boston because that shows the board that the dispensers are necessary for the community.

Sunscreen Dispenser Photo