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My First Week at Viacom

Hi, my name is Patrice Henry and this summer I will be working for Viacom, under Spike TV’s Digital department. My role as an intern for this media company is to assist with whatever tasks need to be completed in the office.

The way that I found this internship was through the Posse Career Board job listing. Since I am a Posse Scholar, we all have access to Posse partner companies that offer internships to Posse students. This is very similar to the career board that Babson Career Connections has to offer.

The interviewing process for this internship was average and asked questions that required me to talk a lot about myself and why I would be a good fit for Spike. The orientation took place in their head quarters located in Time square, and it was very thorough about the rules and regulations that go along with being an intern for Viacom.

So far I think the work environment is very relaxed and not super formal, which I enjoy. Despite the laid-back nature of the office, everybody gets their work done. The work I’ve been given so far is very manageable and gives me a good feel for what it would be like to work in media under a digital department. I’ve also already been to a number of meetings where I was able to fully experience the daily life of an employee here.