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About on demand storage service in Korea

I am currently working at a company called Kunjip in South Korea. It is a company found by Babson alumni, Jongho Yi. Kunjip is a company that provides on-demand storage service in Seoul. On-demand storage service is a cloud storage service for physical goods. Customers can simply request to store their items through the company’s website or application, and they can store or claim their items in two hours. Then, on the mobile application, they will be able to see their stored items just like computer files. Also customers can easily request to have their items back.

My first two weeks at Kunjip was great! My major task as a marketing intern is to create original contents for social media marketing and to do market research. Our team has created several contents that had more than 2000 reaches, and I met many great people while I was doing market research. I feel like I am learning more effectively while working here than just sitting in class. So far, I am enjoying the work and learning a lot!