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Finding The One

Hi, my name is Sophia and I am a rising sophomore at Babson. I am from New York City and hope to get into marketing for the fashion industry in the future. I am currently interning at Araks, a swim, lingerie, and sleepwear company focused on making women feel beautiful. I am a social media intern at Araks but at a company this small, everyone is involved even the slightest bit in everything.

While searching for an internship, one thing that was a must was that it had to be a fashion company. Fashion is what I am passionate about and know that that is the industry I want to go into. I could be doing marketing for any company, but if I am not passionate about the company, I would not be a great asset. I knew Araks was for me. I found Araks on Craigslist and all I really did was search for internships in the fashion section of Craigslist. I researched the company and found out all their pieces are handmade right here in New York City. Fast fashion is often times extremely unsustainable and leads to bad working conditions. Being able to choose your factory and visit whenever you want makes quality control possible. During my Skype interview, I found out that the company is basically run by a small team of women, which made me want to intern there even more. All the design and production is done in house with the designer, Araks Yeramyan, right there every step of the way. It is a company for women, brought to you by women.

Next week I will have been at my internship for a month. It’s amazing how fast the time has passed. To be honest, I got lucky. Araks was one of the only companies which was established and well known. I’ve always thought that companies were not looking to take on a rising sophomore and looked for someone older. I planned on just working a part time job this summer but thanks to CCD I am able to kick start my career path.