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Why You Should Consider a Sales Career

Did you know that Business Development/Sales is the number two career function for Babson graduates? Yes, that’s right, 17% of our students followed this path in 2015 and our early look at 2016 shows the same trend.  So I ask you… have you considered a career in sales?

If not, I am going to guess you feel sales it too “used car salesman” or not a real business career. However, I would challenge both of these thoughts after having spent 10 years in sales myself. So let me share a few things you might not know about sales:

  • It is all about relationship building. You have the opportunity to build amazing relationships with your clients and truly work to find solutions that are ideal for their business or self.
  • They come with lucrative salary opportunities. You are in charge of your paycheck- the harder you work the more you earn.
  • Satisfies your competitive drive. Whether you were an athlete, just love challenges or competing with yourself, roles in this career path allow for you to hit goals and stretch beyond them.
  • Opportunity for rapid career growth/learning. Due to being the revenue generator for the business, companies tend to focus a lot of the training and professional development resources on the sales organizations. This can translate into faster upward mobility when utilized and applied.

Keep in mind, everyday you are selling in your personal and professional life. Did you convince your friends to try a new restaurant or gain interest in your new business idea? Both of these are simple examples of utilizing sales concepts. This notion is highlighted in one of my personal favorite “sales” books, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel Pink. It is a great read for any direction you look to head with your career.

Piqued your interest? See what one of your fellow classmates as to see about a career sales in this short video clip below. I encourage you to explore the possibilities in pursuing a sales type career path and welcome you to visit UGCCD to chat!