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Google Analytics Training in Denver

Post by Hunter Jones ’16

My time in Denver at Google Analytics Training was incredible! I learned so much about myself and who I was, on top of becoming a guru in Google Analytics.

Day 1: My first day was kind of a bust as I had 0 sleep, and my van picked up me up at 2:45am for a 7:00am flight. I got to sit at Logan for 3 hours because security was so tight due to it being Marathon Monday. Once I arrived I immediately took a trip to a place called “Denver Biscuit Co” and let me tell you…. It was delish! After that, I met with my Airbnb host who was absolutely incredible. He and his wife met through Tinder, got married on a whim in December, haven’t told their parents, and are planning to have a big wedding in May. They also have two rescue cats, Coco and Dexter. Coco used to be a show cat and was gorgeous.

Day 2: I took day 2 to settle in and get school work done. I had 2 papers due the next day. I found this great space called Galvanize. It was 1 building (that used to be a US Mint building) that had 3 different businesses inside. 1 – Coffee & Breakfast Shop 2 – Bar and Dinner 3 – Start up incubator for data scientists. I felt right at home in this spot as it had its “Babson” feel and when I graduate I will be working with data. After finishing up my papers, I packed up and headed home for some good sleep as I had a busy two days ahead of me.

Day 3: Google Analytics Training Day 1! I learned so much that day. I took plenty of notes and even got up to help teach at one point (must be the leadership skills I learned here… I couldn’t help it). I also emailed the company I will be working for and let them know what I was up to. They were so happy I was learning Google Analytics on my own, and have demanded that I teach them all once I start in a few weeks. They are planning on creating a new sector of business that involves Google Analytics, and I may be able to lead and help create that sector they said because I am so knowledgeable. Later on I went out to dinner and met a traveling business man who had a son who was applying to college. Although he wasn’t interested in business I gave him some tips and tricks about what to do in the college process. He was so impressed and asked where I went to school, and said he would hire anyone from Babson after hearing me! He bought me dinner as a thank you J

Day 4: Google Analytics Training Day 2! Day 2 was a challenge, I was no longer in my comfort zone and had put my learning hat on. This is where the beginners became experts. We learned about different coding and different ways to analyze the data that we pulled the day before. I could go on and on about the different things I learned, but I am not sure if I would make any sense. J Afterwards I headed to the “Brews Cruise” where I learned all about making beer. (This later helped me pass my final in Economic Botany with Professor Rogers when she asked about how beer was made).

Day 5: HISTORY DAY. I was able to take a history tour of Denver and learn about the different entrepreneurs and pioneers of this city. For example, there is the Brown Palace in Denver. It is a hotel for the 1% of the 1%. Every president has stayed there during presidency except for Coolidge & Obama. The man who built this place was a true entrepreneur. He built it in 1892, and pushed the absolute limits of technology then.  He built the deepest well at the time, 750ft deep that STILL serves all the residents today. Across the street someone tried to build a hotel, that wasn’t the smartest idea (not a great entrepreneur) so he turned it into a brothel. It was an extremely high class brothel that made him very rich, but people didn’t want to be seen walking from the hotel to the brothel so they built a secret tunnel underneath. It is now a building that holds millions of dollars of artwork.

Day 6: Time to come home! Had a pretty low key day at the botanical gardens testing my knowledge from Economic Botany. And also got an incredible view at the Red Rocks! Caught my plane and headed home!

Thank you to the Undergraduate Professional Accelerator Fund for making this experience a possibility!