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Babson San Francisco Rocket Pitch

Post by Nicholas Valles ’18

Three minutes.  Three slides.  The Rocket Pitch is definitely an experience that every entrepreneur should embrace since it really puts into perspective the viability of one’s endeavor.  From the networking opportunities to the pressure of the pitch, I know that entrepreneurship is so appealing to me because it validates the fact that I am on the right path since others expressed their support of my business’ mission.  Overall, my experience at the San Francisco Rocket Pitch was definitely positive, and my three minutes made me realize why Babson is where I belong.

Babson is consistently ranked the top entrepreneurial school in the nation for a reason.  While I was pitching, I looked around the crowd and realized that almost everybody there had their own business ventures as well- most of which were very successful.  I noticed my other eight competitors for the pitch- all of which were either current MBA students or MBA graduates.  During that moment, I became nervous, I admit, since I was the youngest person in the room and the only undergraduate selected to pitch.  Yet, in a paradoxical way, seeing all those faces in the crowd brought out the passion that I had for my business as I finished the last couple minutes of speaking.  I ended my presentation with a new found motivation to return to Babson and continue making the strides necessary to expand my business as intended these next few months.

Ultimately, we all chose to come Babson because we are all ambitious, bold, and have the attitude that would make us all thriving entrepreneurs.  Through my experience in San Francisco, I realized that my peers on campus are why I belong here- you all push me to be the best that I can be in the classroom, but more importantly, you push me to succeed as an entrepreneur.  For that, I thank you all.  And I thank the Undergraduate Professional Accelerator Fund for their support.