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Take Some Time to Breathe!

It is very common at Babson to be highly involved in the community along with school work which can cause time to fly by without notice. As the end of the school year rounds the corner, I encourage everyone to take some time to enjoy their final weeks of springtime here at Babson and prepare for your summer experiences.

Spend Some Time Reflecting

Whether it is your last year here at school or you are a rising sophomore, you will never get this time back so it is important to stop and be present in your day to day life. This could be a great time to start journaling or blogging to capture your present state and thoughts. Or simply, find 10 minutes of your day for some downtime!

Set Goals for the Summer

What exactly is it that you hope to learn or do this summer? If starting a new job, it could be developing a new skill or assimilating into the culture of the organization. Or you might be traveling and can explore a new country and pick up a new language. Taking some time to set some goals will help you feel much more accomplished by the time fall rolls around.

Make Plans to Stay in Touch

Babson has helped you create some amazing friendships and networks and it’s important to not let them go stale as summer approaches. Do the simple things such as making sure to have accurate contact information for everyone, setting up a mid-summer coffee date now with a favorite professor, plan a dinner with friends for the start of June and remember CCD is here all summer to help prepare you for fall and beyond!

Do Something Fun

Summer is about enjoyment and it is important to reward yourself! Set up some time for an adventure, head to the beach or make plans to read a new best-selling book. Whatever you find personally fun, make sure to carve out some time to allow for a bit of relaxation and enjoyment!

As Peter Drucker once said, “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.” So take control of your remaining time to enjoy Babson and create a plan for your upcoming summer!