Undergraduate Blog / Career Development

Obsessed with Success

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassador Stela Maksutaj ‘17

Every college student, at some point in their college experience, will hit something I like to call “the wall.” At Babson especially, we start to become consumed with perfection and over ambition. It is common to see a student with half a dozen clubs under their belt, along with a few VP or executive board positions, while balancing internships and classes. From the outside, a student with that much ambitious seems like they have it all- good grades, work experience, leadership & interpersonal skills, etc. Sure, your parents are happy you are keeping up grades, your friends are happy you are involved with organizations, and your pocket is happy you are building your resume. But, are YOU happy? Are you pushing your mind and body to a point of exhaustion? It is the moment that we take our commitments too far when we hit this so called “wall.”

Peak of Obsession
It is safe to say that Babson students are obsessed with the idea of success and what it means to be a successful business person. Whether it be staying up until 3am perfecting a research paper or taking on an extra class to get ahead on credits, there is no stopping an eager beaver in the midst of competition. Though it is not so overtly cutthroat as an Ivy League, the competition at this school is evident in ways that push people to want to better themselves.

Example: Your friend joins a club and becomes the VP of Finance. You see what it is like to be a part of something with a purpose, and the benefits of having add on experience and leadership skills. You inquire about a leadership position in your organization to subconsciously remain on a competitive level.

Yes, that example was glorified, but the point was made. Sure, it is healthy to be intrinsically motivated about bettering yourself, but it is the lengths you go to succeed. Subconscious or not, the ambition surrounding us push us to commit to more than what is manageable sometimes. The commitments turn into obsessions with the need for perfection, and at one point or another there is a burn out period.

Burn Out Advice
You are not alone. The hardest hump to get over is accepting that perfection is not the end goal, and the goals you set for yourself are not the inevitable destinations. Accept that life has its twists and turns and you won’t always get exactly what you planned. Your positive attitude will help you surpass “the wall,” and having faith in all of your hard work will go a long way. You are not the only person at Babson College that is overwhelmed with their classes and commitments. It is how you break through that wall of failure, or of stress, that truly defines your success in college- NOT how long your extra-curricular list is.