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A Senior Who Changed Her Mind

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Jenny Hai ‘16

Do you remember when you first made your decision to forge a career in business? I remember when I first made mine. I was 17 and determined to forge a career in marketing -the only field in business I came into contact with prior to Babson. But little did I know, within the field “business” was a whole new world in itself and the career paths were limitless. I was back to square one. So of course, as many students coming to Babson with a blank slate, I chose a broader field to fill in the emptiness of not knowing. Finance. Where all the excitement in the business world supposedly circulated around.

And like most others interested in Finance, I found myself sitting in a cubicle of a capital investment firm after the summer of my sophomore year. And I began asking myself, what was I doing? After looking through historical performance of a newly renovated hotel in Las Vegas for a month. I really began questioning what I was doing. Is this what I want to be doing on a daily basis once I graduate? Am I really passionate enough about this to make my career out of it?

Then it hit me. I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about finance. I was in the game because so many of my friends were in it and it just sounded all too exciting to be a banker. Don’t get me wrong. Financial forecasts are great and necessary in the business world, but it just wasn’t for me. My eyes simply did not lit up at the sight of numbers like those of my truly passionate peers.

Then I knew I had to start over and it wouldn’t be easy. There were no more peers to hold my hands. This crisis became more urgent when everyone began applying for their junior year internships. Time was cutting close and I knew I just had to choose. And of course, applying Babson’s own Entrepreneurial Thought and Action, I just thought and chose marketing analytics. It still had the number crunching, but embraced more wiggle room for creative strategy. So I began my internship at a strategy consulting firm as a market analyst intern. I loved it.

At that point, an epiphany hit me. I still loved marketing, I still held interest in Finance, and I will always embrace the foundations of strategy and consulting no matter what career I had to choose. The best job for me was actually one that comprised of multiple fields in business. It was not a one for all game. My career will keep molding and shaping as I mature and different skillsets and expertise will grow alongside it. I can always choose to learn more and delve into different areas. It’s okay to experiment and bounce back. And I definitely did not have to let my 17 year-old mind make all the decisions for me.

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