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Checklist For Completing a Successful Internship

End of Summer Internship Checklist

You have spent countless hours working and revising your resume, visiting UGCCD, networking and connecting with Babson alumni in efforts to identify that perfect internship. You receive the happy news that you have been hired. You are excited and ready to tackle this new challenge. What next??Below are a few tips to ensure that you have a meaningful and rewarding experience throughout your internship.

Set Goals: Some internships are very structured while others are not. Make sure you clarify expectations about goals and objectives. Use the first few days of your internship “transition time” to ask lots of questions. An internship is a learning experience, so don’t be afraid to seek advice when you are presented with a challenge.

“The Expert in Anything Was Once A Beginner” keep this thought with you as you tap your supervisor and other colleagues for advice.

Regular Check-Ins: Try and meet on a regular basis with your supervisor to ensure that both of your expectations are being met. This is the best way to gather feedback on how you are doing on your current assignments and expectations for future projects.

Be Professional: Arrive promptly and ready to begin work, resist the temptation to leave early. Your personal life should remain so, keep conversations professional. Don’t succumb to office gossip or speak ill of any of your coworkers. Be a team player, treat everyone with respect and professionalism. You never know who will be your next boss!

Be Helpful and Positive: Tackle all assignments with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. If you foresee any conflicts with assignments and deadlines get immediate clarification as to how to prioritize effectively. Go that extra mile and ask for additional projects, even if you have completed what was asked of you. Be flexible, remember to stay positive under stressful situations.

Take the initiave to see if anyone from other departments/teams need extra help. This will enable you to learn more about the company and familiarize yourself with different roles and responsibilities. Take every opportunity presented to attend company meetings, participate in training workshops, or learn new systems.

Network as much as possible, add everyone that you work with to your LinkedIn account. Try and meet with at least two new colleagues a week.

Personal Goals: Create a set of personal goals and adhere to them. Leave your internship with as many tangible results and accomplishments as possible. Keep track of your work and projects. Keeping a journal might help refresh your memory when you need to update your resume.

Thank You Notes: Take the time to write a personal handwritten note to thank not only your supervisor, but any colleague who was helpful and invested in your success. Stay in touch after you leave. An update on new classes, a recent article that you might have read and want to share, or holiday greetings are effective ways to stay connected.

Reference Letter: This is where all your hard work, positive and professional attitude pay off. Leverage your experiences for your next position by being an exemplary intern.