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How the Right Mentor Can Help You Succeed

As summer internships or entry-level positions creep closer to their start dates, it is important to be on the lookout for your next mentor.

A good mentor, someone who will assist you in developing professionally, can be greatly beneficial as you begin a career or explore a new industry. Your odds for advancement, job success, skill-building, and an inside-view of the organization are just a few of the benefits that come with identifying the right mentor.

Below are some quick tips on ways to find a mentor and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Remember: deciding on the right mentor is a personal choice. Be sure to think about what you may need to be successful in your next experience.

  • Identify what you do not know. Where do you excel vs. what are some challenges for you?
  • Find someone with influence and connections in the organization. You want to learn about the company and industry from as many angles and people as possible.
  • Actively listen. Understand how guidance from a mentor could impact your work and professional goals. Find a mentor who will listen to you as well.
  • Trust is important. Remember, this relationship should benefit both of you. Easy communication and shared values can only help build trust.
  • Find a mentor who will challenge you. You want to expand your skill set and make progress toward your goals.

Remember, a mentor needs to have both the time and willingness to commit to your success. Be respectful of their time, show appreciation, and demonstrate your desire to learn to develop a positive mentor-mentee relationship.