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Senior Spotlight

Mid-April is a hectic time for both high school and college seniors a like. High Schoolers are busy trying to figure out which college to pick before the May 1st deadline, as college seniors are trying to make the most of their last days of college and figure out what to do after graduation. Given this, I thought it would be fun to interview on of my fellow seniors, Katelyn about her time at Babson, to help the High Schoolers see what the 4 years here could have a store.

Katelyn (right) and I

Katelyn (right) and I

Name: Katelyn Orrok

Year: Senior

Home state: New Hampshire

On Campus Actives: Sigma Kappa

Concentrations: Marketing and Strategic Management

Why did you choose Babson: Between the great academic programs and the finical support from the school, it was the most obvious choice!

What has been your favorite thing about Babson? The global opportunities Babson has to offer. Because of this, I was able to study abroad in Italy for a semester last spring. It was amazing and I would recommend going abroad to every Babson Student.

Favorite Babson Class and Why? Human Health and Disease because it is really applicable to my life, not just professionally but personally. Babson is great at making the information you learn actionable.  They don’t teach you things for you to know it, there is use to almost everything.

One piece of advice you have for high school senior: You’ll learn more than you expect you will at college. And the learning doesn’t occur just in the classroom.