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Preparing for the Senior Job Fair

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Michael Horbowy ’18

            If you have found yourself nearing the end of senior year without a job, the CCD is hosting an event for you. The Senior Job Fair on Friday, April 1, will have 40+ employers all with positions they are looking to fill. This is the perfect opportunity to lock-down your first after-college job, but you need to be prepared in order to make the fair as productive as possible.

Before the Fair

The CCD has posted the list of companies and their positions on Career Connections. Go through the list and briefly research the companies so that you know exactly which ones to target. Once you have narrowed down your list, delve deeper into the companies you’re interested in. Thoroughly review their websites and current news so that you can prepare insightful questions for the employers.

Be sure to prep for potential interviews because the employers at the fair have the option to interview candidates that same day. The interviews will be 20 minutes and held from 1-3:30 PM in Knight Auditorium.

At the Fair

Dress professionally and bring several copies of your resume. Your resume should be polished, so come into CCD before the event to make sure it conveys your story well. It would also be wise to bring a portfolio to carry the resumes without wrinkling them, and to have paper to take notes on during the fair.

The most important part of the fair is getting the attention of the employers you’re interested in and making yourself memorable. This begins during your approach to their table. Make to smile and carry yourself confidently; then, offer a firm handshake and give your pitch. Try to keep it to 30-60 seconds, and be sure to include some past experiences and how they have prepared you for this employer’s position (check out CareerBeam for more information on how to do this). After your pitch, ask your prepared questions to learn more about, and demonstrate your interest in, the company and position.

Finally, have a conversation with them. Show that you are a person, not a list of experiences and a GPA. Having a genuine conversation can really set you apart from the other candidates.

Start Preparing Now

The job fair may not be until April 1, but that doesn’t mean that you should put-off preparing for it. The fair takes place the two weeks after Spring Break, and chances are you will not be preparing as well as you should be while enjoying some time off. Start researching companies, practicing your pitch, and polishing your resume now, so that you’re not rushing through the motions the day before.

With the right preparation and a confident mindset, this event will help you graduate with a job waiting.