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How to Write a Cover Letter Quickly

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Gyda Sumadi ’18.

In this blog post I am going to reveal my secrets on how to write an amazing cover letter, that won’t take you forever to do! So if you are hurrying to apply to multiple positions over a short period of time, use this format to complete your cover letters timely! Since a cover letter cannot exceed one page, with the header and proper address included, you really don’t have all that much space; therefore, you want to be concise.

First Paragraph

Answer the Question: Why do you want to work for the company?

Some things to include in this is why you are passionate about the company; do your personal values align with the values of the company? Look up the company’s mission statement to find out what the company believes in and ask yourself, do I believe in that too? Find out why you really want to work for the company, what excites you about them, and incorporate that into your first paragraph. Then, conclude with stating what the position you are applying for is. Also, if you have any references this is where you should mention their names with a statement regarding how they inspired you to apply. This paragraph should be around 4-5 sentences.

Second Paragraph

Answer the Question: How are you qualified?

This is when you need to look at the exact specification of the job requirement and express that you have the skills they are looking for. For example, if the company you are applying for likes people with leadership skills, take a look at your resume and see what on there makes you a leader; did you have an e-board position in an on campus organization? Convince them you have the skills they want. Try to find some examples that you have not included on your resume as well so that this paragraph is not a repeat of your resume. Although, if certain aspects on your resume are key determinants definitely include them. This paragraph should also be about 4-5 sentences.

Last Paragraph:

This is where you thank the employer for taking the time to evaluate your candidacy. Mention that you would love to have the opportunity to follow up with them about employment opportunities and conclude with a really powerful statement regarding how you will be an impact. You want your cover letter to resonate with them and help them remember you. This paragraph should be about  4 sentences.


There you go! Your cover letter has been written! Wow, that was quick!