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New Member Spotlight: Sigma Phi Epsilon – Kenneth Mun


Post by Kenneth Mun, Class of 2019

Coming to Babson from California was quite a change for me, but I am grateful that I have had the chance to connect at college through my involvement.  My parents are without a doubt the biggest supporters in my life. They raised me very liberally and let me experiment and grow to become the type of person I am today. I played multiple sports growing up but was decidedly average in most of them, then I pursued water polo and swim. Originally I wanted to go USMA (Westpoint) throughout high school but ended up having a change of heart senior year and was fortunate enough to gain acceptance to Babson and join the swim team. I’m really glad I could be a part of a great group of individuals in a sport where I’m constantly building mental toughness and discipline through competition and team spirit.

I’m always eager to learn, I’m diligent in everything that I do, and am constantly seeking to improve myself. Babson has proven to be a great choice because of the community and opportunities that I’m presented with. That’s why I’m tremendously excited to be a part of Sigma Phi Epsilon. I was introduced to the fraternity by my teammates, and am happy to have found another band of brothers to stand by. Being a new member has afforded me the opportunity to learn from the many role models in the fraternity, professionally, socially, and academically. Every SigEp strives to be a gentleman, leader, athlete, and scholar, all of which are synonymous with my personal virtues. I hope to continue to grow and become the balanced man SigEp is known for. Being just my second semester at Babson, I hope to continue taking advantage of the all of the opportunities that this incredible institution can offer so I can positively give back to our community and pay it forward.