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What can I do with my business degree abroad?

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Jenny Hai ‘16

There are less than 100 days left in this semester. Graduation is looming and there are still no job prospects that truly hits the heart. “What are your plans after graduation?” asked all 286 relatives over winter break.

While all my peers in finance and consulting have already thrown their offer acceptance parties, there I was thinking “What do I truly want to do with my business degree?”Well, if you are a fellow peer in my situation, have you considered escaping the wrath of your family’s questioning and taking your career abroad for a few years? I definitely have.

Over the past few months (instead of abiding to my mom’s constant reminders to submit job applications), I spent a tremendous amount of time exploring my possible options abroad. Why submit job applications when I don’t even know what are all my potential routes? Here is what I discovered:

  1. International Corporations: At first I thought it would take years of working and training at the American counterpart before I can make my mark on a global scale. I was wrong. Many companies, especially big global players such as Adidas, L’Oreal, and Starbucks offer international development programs for undergraduate students. Some programs even offer rotations in different departments around the globe.
  2. Teaching: Want to immerse in a new culture, share your knowledge, travel, and get paid for it? English education is a booming market in multiple countries. All around the world, privately-owned companies and government-funded enterprises are seeking native English-speaking teachers (some with hefty incentives!). Candidates armed with an undergraduate degree will be extra attractive.
  3. Volunteer/NGOs: The Peace Corps is one of the largest work-abroad opportunities for U.S. citizens. The program offers a wide range of jobs in developing parts of Africa, Latin America, South Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, and former Soviet states. Other opportunities include locally based NGOs that focus on specific issues such as environmental improvement, education, poverty around the globe.
  4. Government: Political ambassadors aren’t the only positions available abroad in the government sector. There are actually opportunities for business majors alike: the government recruits foreign service specialists and officers that focus on various tracks including economy, management, public diplomacy, etc.
  5. Continue MBA/Grad degree abroad: As the global economy become more complex and interconnected, executives not only require a business background but also a developed international network. Receiving an MBA from a globally recognized institution is a unique route to gaining an international perspective in business strategies and policies.

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