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Your One Month Update on Babson’s 2016

There’s a couple things that the Babson Community cares about and us students strive to improve in the coming year- and here’s your update on our progress!

Roger’s Pub: Welcome to our new pub! The gathering spot for students every Wednesday (Pub Night) and weekends is back and better than ever! The newly renovated pub features 3 unique rooms- the grille room, pool lounge, and class pub room. With all new drinks and food (the Babson Burger and sweet potato fries are an instant hit) and super cool vibe, “pubbing” is back and better than ever.

Blizzard season: We’ve had a very mild season so far, with three days last week hitting above the 50F mark! Not to jinx anything, but it’s looking pretty darn good for a Boston winter. You’re probably thinking, “weather is probably the last thing on people’s minds” but when you go to schools in the Northeast, it’s always a fun gamble and having warm weather in February is such a blessing.

Babson Bucket List: What are some things that are uniquely Babson? Well the votes are rolling in LIVE right now and includes everything from branching out and meeting new students to attending one of our awesome career fairs (coming up this week!) This is an effort to make the community even more fun and challenging.

Recruitment week: Every spring semester, the Greek organizations on campus, comprising of three fraternities, three sororities, and two business fraternities, seek new members for their respective organizations and continue the legacy. This means a really crazy and fun weekend that plenty of people on campus are able to find their new “home” and network of great new friends.

There’s more to come in 2016 for Babson- this is only the tip of the iceberg! Stay tuned for more!