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My Last First Blog of the Semester

The 2016 spring semester at Babson is officially underway! However, for me and my fellow classmates, this isn’t just any regular spring… it’s our senior year, and that means this is my last first blog of the semester!

For this blog, I thought I would highlight some of the most memorable moments that have made up my college experience, and I’ll begin with year one. My first year at Babson can be summarized with three letters: F, M, &E. I’ll never forget my Fresh Bites squad, hunting for an organic chocolate supplier, our friendly competition with Mix-it-Mug, and Profs. Schlesinger and Shankar. The time management, team work, and business skills I learned in FME created a strong foundation for the rest of my education at Babson.

During sophomore year, I had the opportunity to consult for Pepsi Frito-Lay with a group of students as part of our Organizing for Effective Management, or OEM, course stream. This consisted of a semester-long research project followed by a presentation of business recommendations that we presented directly to our professors and employees of Frito-Lay. Later in the year I got to travel to North Carolina with the Babson Golf Team for spring training at Pinehurst!

Fast forward to my junior year at Babson. In the fall I was busy trying to organize my spring semester and find a summer internship, all while taking a challenging course load. I was also lucky enough to be chosen to attend the NYC Finance Trek with some fellow students. We visited several Babson alum at Investment firms in NYC including Goldman Sachs and Rothschild. In the spring, I left Babson for study abroad in Sweden at Lund University and spent five months making new friends, trying new foods, learning Swedish, and traveling all over Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. As soon as I returned from my journey abroad, I started my summer internship at State Street where I worked in global treasury.

Finally, I made by adjustment back into “school mode” after spending nearly 9 months away from Babson as I started my senior year. Some of my favorite moments of the fall semester include my elective abroad in Chile (read about that experience in my last blog post!) and figuring out my plans for after Babson. After spending a week in Santiago with about 20 students learning about the Chilean business environment, I returned to Babson for the final few weeks of my last fall semester. During those few weeks, I interviewed for and accepted my first job with Accenture Federal!

In my remaining few months as a student at Babson College, I’m looking forward to making the most of my time as a Beaver! Finishing up my finance concentration, checking items off of my college bucket list, and spending one final semester as an admission fellow are some of the things I am most excited for.