Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson

Why Babson?

As we approach the holiday season and I reflect on the past year, I also think back to one of the best Christmas presents I received roughly four years ago today; my admittance to Babson. Receiving the news that I had gotten in had topped any present under the tree and although I was incredibly ecstatic about getting in, it also meant it was time to start listing all of the things that I loved about Babson to decide whether or not this was the place I wanted to spend my next four years. Ultimately, the list could be narrowed down to a few top attributes that I absolutely loved.

The first of these attributes was the basic demographics. I loved that I would have the community feel of a campus in a beautiful location yet the proximity to Boston, a city that I had always liked and wanted to be close to. I also really liked the smaller size of Babson because that too adds to a more community feel. Growing up in a smaller town, I liked being able to say hi to many people I passed or saw and I felt that being at a smaller school, I would get that. I also liked the idea of small class sizes and a more intimate learning experience by being able to get to know the professors. This brings me to the education side of things. I had always known that I learn better by doing as opposed to sitting through lectures and so upon learning about the many programs and classes that Babson offers that involve real world experience, I really felt that I would be comfortable with the curriculum at Babson and that I would actually learn very applicable information throughout my four years.

Another big aspect was the community. I visited Babson twice leading up to my admittance and both times I had walked onto the campus and felt like I could easily be a part of it. As I took my tour, I could picture myself studying in the library or getting food with my friends in the dining hall. Some of the people I was lucky enough to meet on the visits were so impressive that they made me want to be a part of the community. I also really loved that I would be able to be a part of the Varsity Ski Team since skiing had been such a large part of my life growing up. Ultimately, I truly felt that the community was not only something I could be a part of, but that I could thrive in.

Looking back at these things, I know that I made the right decision to come to Babson. I have called Babson home for almost four years and the people I have met, the professors I have had, and the experiences I have been lucky enough to go through have really made this the best four years of my life and I wouldn’t do anything to change it!