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Babson Entrepreneurship Forum – Sparking an Entrepreneur’s Inspiration

Post by Priscilla Ning ’19

The Babson Entrepreneurship Forum was a day full of innovative discussion and intriguing panels. I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness and management of the entire event. Everyone working the event was efficient and helpful, making it very easy to find the right way. I had never been to an event with so many amazing and accomplished panelists. I would have been happy to listen to each individual panelist speak for hours, and I have found that to not be the case for most panels. There seemed to be a panel available for every focus of entrepreneurship, and allowed there to be one of interest to every potential entrepreneur. It was very difficult for me to even choose a panel, because I wanted to attend them all.

Having a concentrated focus in food innovation and entrepreneurship, I found the panels relating to the food industry to be the focus of my day. The highlight was listening to the founder of NatureBox, Gautam Gupta, speak about his company. His captivating founding story and his entrepreneurship tips had me continuously enthralled. I also thoroughly enjoyed everyone else on the different food panels. The collaborative atmosphere allowed me to deeply engage with the panelist’s points, and receive insightful answers to my questions.

Right before the forum, I was freshly inspired with the bare bones of a food entrepreneurship idea. But there were so many gaps in the plan that would have to be filled that I did not have much hope. But during the crowdfunding and bootstrapping panel, it connected. Possible solutions started forming in my head, and I turned over my notebook to immediately scribble down my thoughts. The topic of the panel had sparked a plan and I knew how I could turn my idea into something feasible. My enthusiasm grew as I attended more panels and each was another crucial step in the start up plan. The panels gave me the ability to dodge possible complications and knowledge to deal with common issues that would come up. By the end of the day, I had learned how to produce an effective start up team, how to make social impact, how to receive venture capitalism and angel investing, and how to proceed with corporate innovation. I felt as if I had received an education for every step of the entrepreneurial journey. After just one day, I felt like I had acquired the knowledge I had been looking for and was greatly more equipped to make my idea concrete. The Babson Entrepreneurship Forum brought my idea alive and provided the information I would need to create a feasible and advantageous plan. Thanks to the Undergraduate Professional Accelerator Fund for making this opportunity possible!