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First Semester

Being a student at Babson definitely tests your time management skills. Finishing up the first semester of my junior year, it is fair to say, I have a lot on my plate. From group projects and research papers to dance performances and applying for summer internships, I have had to prioritize my daily activities. I am currently taking four courses, in which I have a group project to value a company’s stock, another group project to research and propose a sustainable solution for a disturbed landscape, a research paper in which I address a business law question, and two other minor papers. I am also in the Babson Dance Ensemble, and this week is performance week where we showcase our dances to the campus.

There is a lot going on, but I still make sure to find the time to relax and unwind. The length of my daily nap has been shortened in recent weeks, but I still find time to nap. The difference in the amount of time I spend in the library than in my suite with friends has grown, but I still find time for friends. The work load never gets too absurd where you don’t have the time to breathe, but it is all about understanding what is most important and what needs to be done. While my schedule may be busy right now, I still find time to balance my social life and with school work. And knowing that winter break is right around the corner only motivates me more to finish up the semester strong.

Work hard now, to play harder later.

Here's a cool snapshot from my BDE perfomance

Here’s a cool snapshot from my BDE perfomance