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Thankful for #JustBabsonThings

Biz-E Beaver isn’t just a beloved class mascot, it is a real way of life for Babson students. A typical day consists of running from class to multiple meetings to the gym or practice to the library until 2am and then catching some sleep until doing it all over again the next day. Needless to say, I really cherish down time when I have it. What keeps me going through even my busiest days is the drive from other students here- I know that even when I feel sluggish, on of my friends will be bouncing off the wall with energy from a great zumba class or espresso shot and that energy is just contagious.

As Thanksgiving approaches, a token American holiday to eat as much food as humanly possible and humble yourself, I’m thankful for the friends that keep me going and the little quirks at Babson that make my day a little brighter and add some stability to a hectic week. Here are some highlights from my fall semester that keep me thankful:

Horn Social Hours: better known as first and second floor of the library, a quick study break sneaking out from behind the stacks easily turns into 2 hours of socializing, bouncing over to Rey’s and staying up way later than you anticipated. But in the end it’s worth it because you finish your work and end up catching up with old friends and meeting some cool new people (it’s networking, really!)

Pretending to be a Chef: Let’s face it- I’m not a very good cook, but I still love to do it and doesn’t practice make perfect!? A few friends and I have discovered it’s a great way to unwind by cooking some healthy and delicious food. I’m definitely not the only one inspired by those little Facebook videos that manage to make everything from homemade pizza rolls to cookie-brownie “blondies” absolutely delicious. A quick Trader Joe’s run later, we discover we aren’t the only passionate foodies in our dorm! It’s a great way to feel home-y and meet other people in the same living space.

Discussing Campus Vibe: Being a leader in a student organization this year has definitely made me step back and look at the way campus is forever shifting. We are students who like to take ownership of the campus, and recently it’s been changing with Pub being down and a new class of awesome freshman! We’re more international than ever and with everyone in my year super involved, it’s not hard to find something cool to do. Even though things are different than last year, I think it’s going in a great new direction and having the conscious discussion with various clubs and orgs brings more ownership and awareness to campus.

There’s always endless things to be thankful here, but these are the ones that I genuinely miss when I am away from the like-minded, passionate individuals that I am lucky enough to call my peers and friends. It really boils down to a main genre- good conversations with good laughs. Everything else has become less relevant when you remember what Babson is known for: entrepreneurship. Every multi-million dollar starts with a casual conversation, and business partner starts with friendship, and for that, I am thankful.