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The Fall Semester of a Babson Student

With four weeks remaining in the fall semester, it’s a busy time to be a Babson student; exams are just around the corner and group project deadlines are quickly approaching. If you want an idea of what it’s like to be a senior in your fall semester at Babson, here’s a taste of what the remainder of my semester looks like.

My fall elective abroad, Contemporary Strategic Issues in Chile, is preparing to make our trip to Santiago, Chile where we will visit startups and larger companies to learn about challenges they face in the developing South American business environment. Our trip will take place during the entirety of the Thanksgiving break and I’m looking forward to learning more about the Chilean economy, in addition to some planned excursions, like horseback riding!

In addition to preparing for my trip to Chile, I’m very busy with my other courses and group projects. In my Corporate Financial Management course, I’m working with three other classmates on a research project studying the capital structure, finances, and financial management strategies of CSX and Norfolk Southern, two locomotive companies. In Strategic Management, I’m working with another group of students on analyzing FitBit and strategic challenges they face following their recent IPO.

Outside of my business courses, I’m also working on a research paper for my course on Climate Change Policy and Politics. In this paper I’m analyzing mitigation and adaptation policies in Sweden that have helped the Scandinavian country become the world leader in addressing climate change.

Besides being busy with classes, the fall semester has also been concentrated on looking for a job after graduation. My friends and I are busy sending out resumes, writing cover letters, and networking with potential companies. Thankfully, Babson has a great Career Center that has been tremendously helpful in bringing companies to campus and sponsoring a number of networking events. It’s a daunting, yet exciting process!

So, now you have a better idea of what the life of a Babson senior is like! Juggling classes, projects, and my job search has kept me and my friends quite busy. I’m looking forward to finishing strong in the remaining four weeks of my last fall semester ever!