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Introverts Have a Voice

Do you frequently hear friends and colleagues spouting about whatever is on their minds?  Are they speaking while you’re thinking?  You want to join the conversation, but just don’t have the opportunity to get a word in edge wise.  You know exactly what you wanted to contribute to the discussion, and now the conversation is over. It’s not too late.

There’s a forum for you to speak your mind, express your opinions and thoughtfully construct what you want to say.  LinkedIn Publishing to the rescue.  You can write about what you know, what you’re passionate about, share your experiences and expertise or simply express your opinion.  You can participate in the discussion on your terms.  So, what’s stopping you?

You’re not quite sure what to talk about or if people will value your opinion. You question your writing ability.  No worries.  This is a professional forum for you to connect with others (from the comfort of your own space), and even more importantly to publish and share thoughts about an array of topics.  YOU CHOOSE!

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce (53.5 billion)* and as such, LinkedIn wants you to have a big voice! And the world is listening.

LinkedIn Publishing is a forum for students to share their perspectives, challenges, passions, struggles and first-hand accounts of what’s happening in their lives.  Maya Pope-Chappell, Business Editor from LinkedIn visited Babson this week and met with many of you, the current Babson students.  Why Babson? She is promoting students in the same way she promotes “influencers”. And we know how influential Babson students are! Share your thoughts, develop your personal brand and build a following, with the help of LinkedIn, without leaving the comfort of home.

It’s easy, here’s how:

Step 1: Publish the content on LinkedIn.

Step 2: Complete the Google form here so that Maya at LinkedIn sees it/considers it for further promotion.

Step 3: Continue to monitor the post and respond to comments!

Not sure what to write about, use the calendar below for ideas:

Student editorial calendar

This is your opportunity to say what’s on your mind, on your time and your terms.  Go for it and let your voice be heard.