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My True Babson Story

Its hard to believe that I am a senior a Babson, let alone over halfway done with my first semester of senior year. As I am finishing out my time at Babson, I have really started reflecting on what my time her has been like. This is a little bit about my Babson Story and the major takeaways I had the past three years:

Freshmen Year:

My freshmen year started out as how many Babson first years start. I was on the Varsity Swim Team, I joined the sorority Sigma Kappa, and was enjoying the experiential learning opportunities like FME. Then disaster struck when I ended up injuring my knee and spent four and a half months on crutches. While other freshmen we exploring Boston and really experiencing college, I sent a lot of time doing physical therapy and hanging out in my room. But this adversity allowed me to start applying these entrepreneurial concepts to my everyday life. I started to adapt to my circumstance, and was able to make the best of a bad situation. I even eventually figured out how to use my crutches without holding on to them. Though it sucked to being able to have a typical freshmen year, I really learned a lot from being on crutches my first year.

Sophomore Year:

Sophomore year is easily one of the most stressful years at Babson because of the OEM/MCE (now SME) curriculum. But personally I like functioning under stress and even put myself under more stress by talking executive council positions in Sigma Kappa, actually swimming on the swim team and being a FME mentor. Occasionally there was times I felt overwhelmed, but by operating under stress, I really was able to see what I could and couldn’t handle. I survived sophomore year, and gain the knowledge that I could do a lot at once, but it is important to not over extend yourself since it can cause problems for both yourself and those you are working with.

Junior Year:

The fall of last year I went abroad to London, England and had a blast. I seriously miss it everyday and would do anything in my power to go back. I got to travel around Europe and the British countryside, see buildings older than the country I am from and hear so many people’s stories. While there I interacted with people from all over the world, and really got to see how different cultures and upbringings can influence how people work and live. Getting to experience this, gave me one of the best insights I will probably take way from my time at Babson.  People’s stories influence who they are and this isn’t good or bad, it is just different. And it is important to consider these differences when working with them.

Senior Year:

I am not far enough in my senior year to have an major insights but everyday I try to take the major things I have learned thus far and apply them. Having to think creativity my freshmen year is helping me now when trying to figure out my courses for next semester while having a conflict during a course I need for my leadership concentration. Knowing my limits is important when balancing school work, part-time jobs, clubs, and applying for jobs. My time abroad has helped me be a better FME Mentor and group member during projects.

I wouldn’t change my time at Babson for the world. Though it hasn’t always been the easiest, the hardships helped me become who I am today.


To hear a little bit more about my Babson Story, check out my video below.