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Midpoint Check-Up

This post was written by Michael Horbowy ’18, CCD Peer Career Ambassador

Halloween. A fun holiday or a reality check? The end of October is here which means that we are now more than half-way through the semester. At this point, most of us are finished with our first grueling round of mid-terms and are relieved knowing that there are at least a couple weeks before any major assignments are due.

Despite the relative calmness, this weekend is only a treat if you’re not tricking yourself. It’s time for a check-up. How is this semester going? Are you grades where you want them to be? Are you on track for you concentration/career/other personal goals?

After answering these questions, and any others that pertain to you individually, look for the reasons that you are in that position. Make sure your life is better balanced than your diet on Halloween, because too much of any one thing (whether it’s studying, partying, or candy) will lead to regrets (granted, in very different ways).

But self-assessment is not enough, you must take action. Go to your professors’ office hours, visit the CCD, and meet with your dean in Academic Services. Don’t let this semester’s mistakes haunt you next year.

So before you put on your doctor costume this Halloweekend, take a second to check-up on your performance. Then prescribe a remedy to get you back on track.