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Experience at the Intercollegiate Business Convention

Post by Melissa Tong ‘18

I attended the Intercollegiate Business Convention hosted by Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business at the Hynes Convention Center. At the biggest student run convention, I met many influential people of whom I am hopeful that I will remain in contact with in the future. I met people who traveled from London and even as far as Australia to attend the event. I also connected with students from Wellesley and other schools in the Boston area.

The day started with a keynote speaker, a product designer from Nike. She talked about the many ways that women can get a seat at the table that is often dominated by men. Through her many experiences, she told stories of her challenges and the many ways to overcome gender barriers. The speakers of the day told personal stories of their struggles and instilled hope within the eager audience. These women went through intense challenges to get to the position that they hold now.  It’s very comforting hearing about the experiences of other people as well as the dreams of my peers.

Between speakers, we had the opportunity to attend workshops. These ranged from discussing strategies to ace an interview to talking about the new technologies available in the market. Of the three workshops that I attended, my favorite was a talk hosted by a psychologist that talked about the importance of body language and the role it plays in interviews, presentations, and daily life. One can earn the trust of others by using simple techniques and boost one’s confidence by the posture that one puts on. For instance, instead of slouching in your seat before an interview, it is beneficial to project a high-power position.

There is also time dedicated for attendees to talk to company representatives. Here, I was able to get more information about companies that I am interested in working in and receive additional information that would help me with my career goals. It was refreshing to engage in people other than Babson students and gain insight from another’s point of view. The day was informative and inspiration and I am planning on attending next year as well. Thank you to the Undergraduate Professional Accelerator Fund for the opportunity to attend this event!