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Just Dance

I have always needed something in my life – a sport, an activity, an instrument – to ease my mind. Something to free me from constantly thinking about school work, my career path, and all the other important aspects of life that could cause stress from time to time. Some outlets I use here at Babson include playing the drums, playing basketball, and, of course, hanging out with friends. As of late, however, I have discovered a new found passion for dance.

Dancing has always been something I love to do for fun, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized what it actually does for me mentally; it’s therapeutic.  I dance in my suite with my roommates when we have music going, I dance while I walk to class or the dinning hall, I dance in my head, and now I dance for the Babson Dance Ensemble. It’s a whole new feeling being surrounded by others who share the same interest as you. I look forward to practice every week, as my team and I strive to perfect the choreography.

So far, we have learned about half of the choreography in under a month. The goal is to learn the second half in just about the same amount of time, so that with the remaining time we have before the show in December, we can make any necessary adjustments to make our routine look as good as possible. Once we are all in sync, I know we will be ready to perform on the big stage, under the lights, in front of friends and family.

Here’s a fun clip to watch from the 2014 BDE show of Babson faculty members showcasing their dance moves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-mmPUtzzPM

It just goes to show dancing does not discriminate. Anyone and everyone can, and I believe should, dance to the rhythm of their own beat.