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A Glossary to the Babson Vocabulary

Students at Babson always joke about the “Babson Bubble” and how the students here are always thinking about what is going on on campus but not necessarily off.  I think the opposite is true as well. Many of my friends and family do not really understand what is happening on campus either. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that Babson is so unique of a college that we often have our own language. This language barrier can be really tough when trying to talk about your Babson experience, which I have been doing a lot lately as I look for a job. Therefore I thought it would be helpful to have a quick little glossary of some terms and acronyms that Babson students tend to use

ASM: This is an upperclassman required course by Babson that usually is for Juniors and Seniors, but some sophomores take as well.  The course is called Strategic Problem Solving but since the course code is ASM, all the students just call it ASM

FME: This is a required first year course that lasts all year. FME stands for Foundations in Management and Entrepreneurship

SME: Is a sequence of sophomore classes. SME stands for Sophomore Management Experience. This also replaced OEM and MCE.

ET&A: This is a concept that is taught in the Babson curriculum that is thrown around a lot when someone is being creative or needs to creatively solve a problem

Rey’s: Short for Reynold’s which is the student center

Horn: The name of the library

MAC: Part of the SME sequence. It is the Managerial Accounting Class

TOM: Part of the SME sequence. It is the Operations Class

Innovation Center: It is in Park Manor West and is a new building on campus. It is a space built to encourage innovation in first years for FME.

CLTP: A Babson sponsored program that all students take part of for FME and ASM. It stands for Coaching and Leadership Training Program

For more terms and Acronyms check out this link: http://www.babson.edu/Academics/undergraduate/academic-services/Pages/Babson-Acronyms-Terms.aspx