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The UpperClassman Quad: My Perspective on No Longer Being a Freshman

So we’re back on campus. The first week has been a happy blur of old and new faces, and too many CAB (I’m Social Media Chair for the Campus Activities Board, so you’ll probably see me floating around snapping pics for facebook or instagram!) activities to count.

Moving into Coleman, the sophomore and junior residence hall was relatively stress free compared to my experience as a first year. I knew what I needed to bring (memory foam mattress pad and lots of pillows) and what not to (far too many clothes). Life on the UpperClassman Quad has been great! Here’s why:

1. You’re closer to the gym and further from the food- more incentive to hit the bike for an early morning workout as opposed to heading to Trim for some sugary cereal. The freshman 15 is real! And burning if off in sophomore year is a must. Looking for a gym buddy merely requires meandering down the hall since my friends live strategically close. Also, taking care of your health is important! Getting strep last year was NO fun and making sure to keep hydrated and germ free is very important. Being close to the sports fields also means it’s easier to be a Babson Superfan and I get to support my roommate by attending all her tennis matches! Win-Win for sure.

2. No more hiking to see your friends- the walk between Coleman and Van Winkle is 3 minutes tops (perfect for those lazy snowy days) and to the towers and suites is only a short ramp away. It makes all the upperclassman closer together, even if classes are a bit further. Studying is also easier since there are common rooms in every floor and an elevator (thank goodness) for laundry or when you’re feeling particularly lazy. Somehow I manage to see everyone walking up and down Coleman hill, so it makes my daily trek a little more worthwhile.

3. Getting a grasp on clubs: We’re a small campus. So this means knowing who’s doing what on campus and joining new things with friends! For example, even though I didn’t rush last year, I’m hoping to go Greek this year! Missing out is no longer a thing, instead, students like to wait and see if it’s a right fit for them which makes everyone happier! Being more involved also means getting more perks- I always know where the free food and tshirts are now!

4. Planning it out- sure, life can be intimidating, but getting to feel like you really have control over your future is a powerful thing. I’ve gotten into the habit of having a planner that I use in increments, for planning the week, month, and year out even to next summer. I like knowing what I’m doing and I know there will be pleasant surprises on the way. Finding an internship seems a lot less stressful when you start working on it months ahead, not the week before finals. Being an upperclassman has definitely added to the notion that you live, and you learn.

I got inspired to write this while having a catch up chat with one of my good friends. We were sitting in his dorm, and discussing how sophomore year is kind of a limbo year. It’s an in between where we are all floaters- no longer first years but not an intimidating junior yet. We discussed travel abroad, and rushing DSP, and how weird but awesome it is to see everyone after four months apart. Ultimately, it’s great! I’ve missed my Babson posse and being an upperclassman has added value to my life even within the first week back- and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has to bring.