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A bittersweet goodbye

The internship has come to an end. Like life and especially the life of a startup, the journey was like a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs; But if there is something that I learned in this internship is the steeper the fall the higher the climb because every failure, every bump in the road brought us closer to our objective, every mistake brought a lesson learned and every: failure brought an opportunity to do things differently and to try again. I learned that with hard work you can get through the day but it is passion that can take you anywhere. Passion is the key driver to success it is what motivates me, what keeps me going. It was quite a journey but what kept me going through it all was knowing that I wasn’t doing this for me but for a whole town in Guatemala, my work was definitive for the project to go through. If we were able to do the fundraiser and raise enough funds, we could help a village of 200 women and their families. Having a motive and a purpose is key, at least for me it is.

Regardless of what I decide to do when I graduate I want it to have a meaning, I want to feel fulfilled by what I do, I want to go to bed feeling I did something, that my work made a little change in the world. Working with IX Style was an amazing experience and having such a communicative boss was inspiring. I learned what things I wanted to have in my job and what kind of things I was willing to let go and which ones I wasn’t. I realized company culture is  very important for me, so is communication with my superiors ( I need a two way communication of advice and constructive criticism), I want a job that doesn’t have routine, but most of all I want a job that fulfills me, not just financially but personally.