Undergraduate Blog / Career Development

A Summer Reflection

Interning at WGBH was an experience I will not forget. This internship helped me clarify some questions I have had regarding decisions on what I wanted to pursue after I graduate from Babson. With my wide variety of interests which involved business, tech, and creative hobbies, I felt I was at a loss on where and how I would fit in in terms of career goals. This internship challenged me in all my interests while also allowing me to be creative, which I absolutely loved and provided fun bonding events with my co-workers and fellow interns such as ice cream socials and brown bag lunches. On my first day, I remember I was anxious about whether I would do a good job and succeed, and now I no longer carry that anxiety. I realized I was well prepared from my experiences at Babson and I was able to make friends at my internship that helped me succeed. In the end, I was given ownership on many tasks and assignments within the projects I was working on, which included reaching out to advisors outside of WGBH and creating prototypes. During my internship, I was also given the opportunities to give presentations outside of a classroom setting. This was extremely helpful and gave me more confidence as a public speaker. I am happy and proud to have been a Digital Innovation Intern at WGBH and I know I will remember my experiences as I finish my senior year and enter the workforce.