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Parents; Top 10 ways to engage your student in career planning this fall

Your students are on campus.  While returning students acknowledge the end of summer, new students ponder about college life. Seniors begin to contemplate life after college, while parents of seniors wonder what the future holds for their burgeoning professionals.

Help your college student with college to career planning by listening. Be open to ideas and exploration, and encourage them to build and leverage relationships.

Top 10 ways you can help;

1-Encourage your student to engage with the Center for Career Development (CCD) to explore, discover, connect and achieve career aspirations

2-Challenge your student to become informed career professionals by attending on and off campus CCD sponsored events

4-Promote Personal branding for connections and professional success; resume, elevator pitch, LinkedIn profile, blogs, websites

5-Emphasize the importance and value of Experiential Learning; MCFE (consulting projects), externships internships, projects, volunteer work

6-Recommend active engagement in campus activities/events/clubs; social and professional

7-Impress the importance of staying connected and current by reading about business and world events and getting involved

8-Emphasize the significance and value of building relationships with faculty, staff, and other students.  Seek out mentors, advisors, and friends

9-Promote professional behavior; “Three P’s”, Preparedness, Participation and Punctuality

10- Grant you students the opportunity to make decisions and learn from them