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Office Restructuring

I started this internship at the firms old office where all of us analysts, associates, and VP’s were cramped into 2 rooms for the sake of space and the MD’s came around only once a week. At first the culture wasn’t great nor all the exciting. however they were in the process of finding and building a new office. Luckily it was done being built while  I was still working there and we moved into the new office. However this meant a huge reorganization form an OB perspective and it was quite the challenge for upper management. Hierarchies came into to play more than ever among the senior staff and the junior staff. The new space was nice and spacious which I liked but there was less interaction among the junior staff but there was was interaction with the senior staff. It was nice to be in the old space first since it gave me a chance o get close with the other analysts and interns before we moved. The physical work space does make a difference on the mood and the work quality especially when working odd hours.