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Intern Dynamics

I was the youngest intern at WCP, possibly the youngest they have ever had. Everyone else including the interns were at least 21 years old while the analysts even had almost 10 years on me. At first since I was the youngest and also the newest addition to the team, they were reluctant to sit down and teach me much things. I was assigned very simple/mundane work and over time I learned things through trial and error. Eventually I gained some credibility and was assigned more analytical work. Through this time however other interns helped me and told me about their experience when they first started. We helped each other out and I came full circle when an intern joined just before I was leaving. He appreciated me telling him about the small details and tricks that are useful when completing working in a time pressured environment. At first i thought working with other interns might not have been a good idea as that might have lead to me learning less; however it turned out to be a great experience where we helped teach other things.