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Working as a team to help each other and future interns

There are 3 other interns working under the same department and for the same supervisor as me. Most of the tasks we are given are individual work; However, we constantly work together by asking questions and second opinions if we are unsure of our work. As explained in a previous posting, most of our work consists of completing import sheets on excel. We have to fill out all product information on these sheets and write compete product descriptions. This was the toughest part for me as I had to learn about the many different types of fabric, closure, and silhouette. This information wasn’t given to us by our supervisor so we had to do research and figure it out. For example, rather than guessing if the silhouette was A line or a column silhouette, I would have to research online to find different examples. I would also ask the other interns their opinion and vice versa. In the end, we realized how important it was to have the knowledge of  this information in order to complete a proper product description. We decided to compile all the information we’ve learned and create a cheat sheet for us to use and future interns in the department. Rather than trying to work on our own, we produced better work when asking each other questions. The cheat sheet we created together provides all the information needed to complete a description. Working together and compiling our information, we were able to work more efficiently and will hopefully help the interns that fill our position next summer. After sending it to our supervisor, she was overjoyed that we worked together to came up with a way that would make our job easier and educate future interns.