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Why My Friends Think I Never Did Any Work

One of the difficulties I encountered in my internship was that I was in a foreign country, and not just anywhere, I was in Israel!  If you have ever been to Israel and even if you have not, you should know that Israel is a beautiful country.  I was interning in Haifa, a coastal city in the North of the country along the Mediterranean Sea.   This meant there was a constant internal conflict I had between wanting to explore the country and go to the beach and having an internship/responsibilities.  However, this conflict was resolved in the first week of work.  My CEO let me work from 9am to 2pm, allowing me time to go to the officebeach after work.  Furthermore, my CEO and I had very good communication.  I was always welcome to stay later to work when needed and my CEO told me that I didn’t need to be in the office as long as I felt that I was accomplishing projects and contributing to the company.  While communication is important in any work environment I believe it is even more necessary when interning in a foreign country.  My CEO knew I wanted to see the country, so when I asked for a day off to start my weekend early for a mini vacation, he had no objections.  That weekend I went to Eilat, a city in the South that is right on the Red Sea.  In addition, since I expressed to my CEO that I was interested in learning more about Haifa he gave me a tour of Haifa and the surrounding cities along with the history.  While it can be intimidating to ask your supervisor, or in my case the CEO, for a day off or anything not-work-related it is best to be straightforward.  That is why all of my friends on Snapchat are under the impression that I never worked.  In fact, I did an enormous amount of work but I had amazing hours that enabled me to go to the beach frequently and travel.