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The Final Week

Diamond Capital Advisors taught me the ins and outs of investment banking. Through this internship, I was able to learn if investment banking was the best career choice for me for the future. Investment banking is definitely a career I would like to pursue because of the high learning curve and amount of responsibility I am given even though I was just an intern. I can learn so much in depth about different industries and everything that I read in the Wall Street Journal is somehow pertinent to the pitch books that I work on. If health care industries are consolidating in the industry and they are looking to cut down costs, then I can relate that news to the health care related pitch book that I am working on. I liked how I was able to see everything come together and how every research and detail is an important part of the whole picture.

Everybody is very passionate regarding their career and work at Diamond Capital Partners. They want Diamond Capital to grow and emerge as a top investment bank with excellent advisory in the investment banking field. With the passion and dedication that the people have, they are gaining not only a domestic presence in American but internationally as well. One of the most important lessons in investment banking is how to be a people person, people have to like you and trust you to sell their company. Diamond fosters the relationship with their clients for several years but also keeps the client’s best interests in mind. It is an important lesson that I learned, to keep the best interests of your clients in mind rather than your own.

My internship experience at Diamond Capital Advisors was great and I could not have asked for a better internship. Thanks to all the people who I worked with at Diamond, my interests in investment banking grew significantly and am excited about where life will take me next.