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Networking / Interning

A crucial aspect to any career is the importance of networking. Coming from a non-target school, many of the professors, upperclassmen and alumni stressed to me the importance of networking if I wanted to get a career in investment banking.  I made it my goal to network with as many professionals as I could during my sophomore summer and gain as much insight as I could about investment banking. Networking with the professionals in the office helped me learn that most of the people here came with a variety of different experiences and with much international knowledge. They also taught me key skills to succeed in the investment banking industry and gave me great advice about how to shape my career path.

In addition, I also networked with many Babson alumni during this summer. They gave me their own path to investment banking, key takeaways from their career so far and valuable advice to help me in my future investment banking career. Networking was another job in itself this summer, scheduling the calls and timing it correctly to match the time zones from California to Chicago to New York was challenging. I learned how to speak to people effectively over the phone and carry  on a great conversation. I hope to succeed in the investment banking industry in the future and help Babson undergrads just like many Babson alumni helped me. I was able to establish valuable relationships this summer that would have not been possible if it was not for the countless alumni who reached out a helping hand.