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My Summer Vacation 2015 = Beach, Family Time, and Networking?

I am recently back from a relaxing and sunny vacation on Cape Cod. Our vacation to the Cape for my family consists mostly of hitting the beaches with my husband and our two boys, ages seven and eight. Yes, my #happyplace is working at Babson, but my personal #happyplace is located along the Cape Cod National Seashore at Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, MA.  For some, it is better known as The Beachcomber (or “The Combaaaaa” for others!)

Cahoon Hollow

This year’s visits proved to be some of the best ones yet, filled with amazing weather, gorgeous dunes, perfect water temps for playing in the waves, fun family time, no cell phone coverage, and networking. What was that you said – Networking?! Yes, that’s right, networking. On our second visit back to my favorite beach, we plunked our gear down   landing nearby a couple. As we were setting up for the day, the man came over and asked if we would watch their belongings while they went up to grab some lunch…. wouldn’t you know, he was wearing a Babson baseball cap. Yes,  I’m on vacation, but the power of the Babson brand is a strong one, and could not help but ask his connection to the  College…

We quickly learned that this couple’s daughter is a current student at Babson — would you believe I had just been in touch with her the week prior?! Unbelievable! The rest of the afternoon took on a fun twist with the added conversation of all things Babson and beyond. Between the crashing waves, we talked about Babson’s career development approach, their daughter’s experiences on campus, and their overall excitement around the College. I was proud to hear that not only their daughter loves Babson but they, too, are thrilled she chose us.

The point of this little story? Always be aware of your surroundings. Networking can happen anywhere.

Oh and it doesn’t matter what kind of suit you are wearing either!