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Entrepreneurial Investment Banking

Babson emphasizes the importance of always having an entrepreneurial spirit. I never thought that finance and entrepreneurship could be so closely aligned. The investment banking business is mostly developing relationships with business owners who place their trust in you to carry out their best interests and pass on their legacy. The trust is one of the most difficult aspects of the business and you have to be able to connect with the business owners. One of the most interesting aspects about the company that I am interning at, Diamond Capital Advisors, is that many of the people here have created their own businesses and are entrepreneurs. They understand what it is like to be the business owners since they have taken their own companies public and sold their companies in the past. They are able to relate to the business owners on a different level and assure them that they understand what the business owners are going through. This insight knowledge and past experiences gives Diamond Capital Advisors an advantage when they are pitching to new prospect deals and carrying forth the deal process.

Babson helped me realize the importance of entrepreneurship through my time here so far. I never thought about combining my entrepreneurial spirit with finance. However, I realized that both was possible through my internship. My interest in starting my own company in the future or pursuing a CFO position in a company is increasing through my time at Babson and at my internship. I hope to do the same as most of the people at Diamond did and pursue investment banking and entrepreneurship.