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Balancing my social impact work with my internship

This blog first appeared in Goldmansachs.com as part of their My Summer at Goldman Sachs series on July 27th, 2015: http://www.goldmansachs.com/careers/blog/posts/2015-summer-interns-folder/blog/josuel-intern-blog.html.

Josuel is a summer analyst in Goldman Sachs’ New York Investment Management Division in the Private Wealth Management group. Raised in New York and the Dominican Republic, he is a rising junior at Babson College studying Business Administration with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship. Josuel is also the co-founder of Project 99,* a startup focused on inclusive leadership, operating in coordination with the non-profit Yspaniola.

27 JUL 2015

In a sense, I have two jobs this summer. I am a Summer Analyst in the Private Wealth Management (PWM) group at Goldman Sachs and I am also the co-founder of a social impact start-up focused on teaching inclusive leadership in communities of need, which is launching its pilot program in the Dominican Republic this August. I came into my internship unsure of how my additional set of responsibilities would be received by my colleagues and thinking about whether, in the long term, it would be possible to balance my social impact work with a potential career at Goldman Sachs.

I had to find ways to achieve the goals I set out for myself in both areas. Would working longer days be enough or did I need to sacrifice my commitment to a better world? The first day at my desk, people in my team set up time to get to know me one on one. It was important to me that I be completely transparent about who I am so, when each person asked the question “tell me about you”, I conveyed how social impact is central to my life. My team has been genuinely supportive, offering feedback and connecting me with resources. The firm even provided me two personal days to work on the pilot program.

There is no doubt that the people I assist in Private Wealth Management are different than the ones I work with in my start up, but I approach both in the same way – I serve people to the best of my ability through hard work and passion. In addition, the overall summer analyst experience – its trainings, networking events and opportunities for growth – have all created a better version of me that will be present in my start-up work  and back at school. While seemingly disparate, my two jobs have made for a perfect summer where I am bringing my full self to the table.

Looking at the bigger picture, I am proud that the place I go to work is actively committed to social impact, for example with its public support of marriage equality and its role in revitalizing New Orleans.

*Readers are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence on outside organizations in which they are interested. The firm’s support of its interns through the My Summer at Goldman Sachs series does not indicate that the firm has independently reviewed or endorses the organizations with which our interns are associated.