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Advice for Future Interns

As my internship comes to a close, I now want to look back and reflect on the key takeaways from the experience. To recap, TRACS, Inc. is an event management and global sports marketing company that focuses in creating and managing various programs and events. Throughout my internship, I was responsible for coming up with marketing campaigns for events, researching different components for the events such as venues and vendors, and managing the assets of our website build. As a result of my experiences, I have some advice for future or current interns:

  • Take Note: During your internship you will most likely be assigned to one or several different tasks. Because it can be easy to get caught up in what you are doing, I recommend mentally taking note of what goes on within the business. For example, pay attention to when problems arise and recognize how your manager or supervisor goes about solving them. By being aware of the big picture and not only your specific task, you get a better sense of how the company operates.


  • Break Boundaries: Although you should complete and stick to what has been assigned to you, do not always feel limited. It is very important to take initiative and try your best to show that you are passionate about your work and the company. For example, you may be working on project, however, do not be afraid of suggesting new ideas that fall into another area.


  • Ask: Throughout your internship, be sure to ask lots of questions. Be cautious of when it may be too much at a certain time, but if you have questions on anything, make sure they are clarified. Not only will this help you in your work, but it will also show your supervisor that you want to understand the company.


Overall, I am extremely happy with my internship I had this summer. I learned a good deal about event management in particular, and I hope to use the skills I gained in the future.