Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson


In my last post about diversity in the firm I mentioned I would keep my eye open for dynamics created by this structure. Well instead of waiting for something to happen I decided to make use of the set up my self.

Part of this internship is networking with senior and junior members of the firm. I had two very good opportunities to do this and make use of the diversity. First I had a chance to connect with a Vice President who comes from an extensive background in banking. Another time I connected with a Managing Director who come from experience in the fabless semi-conductor industry. Finally I spoke with a Partner who is a floater: she studied organizational behavior, worked in banking, and also was a professor. I asked all three of these people for their advice on a future career in banking and where they see it going; all three had a unique answer catered to their understanding of the tech industry and banking. The VP came from a perspective of being able to climb ranks quickly while the MD suggested maybe looking into a career in tech instead as tech continues to grow more from a hardware solution based industry to a software solution industry. The Partner mentioned to pursue what most stimulated me. She encouraged me to realize where I saw the most value creation opportunities and go that route.

All in all these networking sessions gave me interesting new perspectives.