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Down to One

As the other interns have left for trips and other full time job pursuits, I am now the only intern at my internship. I did not enjoy the thought about being the only intern at first, worrying about how I will finish the tasks and ask for help when I need it. However, by being the only intern in the office, I learned how to work independently as well. Through the help of my co-interns in the past, I was able to do the research, design pitchbooks and search for buyers/investors as efficiently as possible. By working independently, I made up for the absence of the other interns by double checking and triple checking my work before I gave it to the senior management. By checking my work multiple times, I was able to catch multiple mistakes that I missed before or mistakes that the other interns would have caught.

The most challenging part of being the only intern was how to juggle the different projects and deadlines from the managing partner, vice president and associate. The work spanned from research for a presentation to looking up contact information. Due to my personality and working style of being a perfectionist and being as thorough as possible led me to take a lot of time on each project but working hard to make it by the deadlines. This working nature that is common in the investment banking field, gave me great practice for the full-time job in the future. I love the teamwork that the other interns and I had but I am glad that I got this different type of experience of working by myself as well.