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Being Surrounded by Professionals

Living in Los Angeles, I was always fascinated with the tall skyscrapers that twinkled during the night time. I knew that I always wanted to step foot in there and see how it was like from the opposite view, looking out rather than looking into the buildings. Even though I was highly impressed by the Downtown Los Angeles skyscraper buildings, my internship location for the summer turned out to be a place better than that. My office is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, in a tall skyscraper buildings that has an amazing view. It is an interesting experience to see the world the opposite way than what I was used to, looking outside rather than looking inside. However, I am able to feel the responsibility that I am given even as just an intern to be able to achieve one of the goals I had since I was a kid.

In addition to the amazing building, the one aspect I love about my job is to be surrounded by business professionals. I am not only surrounded by business professionals in the office where everybody is wearing formal attire, but outside as well. As I walk outside during my lunch breaks, I am surrounded by the business clad professionals talking to their colleagues and answering emails on their cell phones. This may not seem like a very impressive sight, but it is to me. It’s an impressive sight to see for me because it gives me the feeling that I am one of them as well, working hard and enjoying that precious one hour of free time. It gives me inspiration to work even harder for my future investment banking career.