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5 Facts About My Boss

Representative Brendan F. Boyle.jpg

Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-13)

HR 1599: Nay

HR 1734: Nay

HR 2392: Nay….

While I could go on talking about my Congressman’s (and boss’s) voting record, I’m sure that topic would bore most of you. Instead, I’m going to tell you some interesting facts I have learned about him throughout the course of my internship. Although it was the “congressman” that attracted me to accept the internship, it was learning about “Brendan Boyle” that really allowed me to love and enjoy the work I do.

Brendan was a First Generation College Student

Brendan has always been a great student and he proved it when he earned an academic scholarship to attend the University of Notre Dame. With this, he became the first in his family to attend college. Not surprisingly, Congressman Boyle is also an alumnus of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He graduated from the prestigious program in 2005 with a Masters Degree in Public Policy. However, he probably knew that he wanted to be in government since college because his undergraduate major was Government.

Brendan is Not a Member of the Congressional Millionaire’s Club

When looking at the US Congress’s approval rating, one can wonder how a group of individuals that are elected by the people can consistently have an approval rating below 20%. While there’s no single reason that can easily pin-point the problem, some of our representatives’ abysmal performances can be attributed to their superfluous wealth. In fact, many people jokingly call our Congress a “millionaire’s club” with over half of the members of congress having a net worth over $1 million. However, Congressman Boyle falls into the minority group. I’m very confident that his pragmatic wealth allows him to remain a focused and humble member of congress.

Brendan is Not the Only Boyle in Government

Pictured left to right: Kevin, Mr. Boyle, Brendan

While Brendan has quickly risen through the ranks from Pennsylvania State Representative to US Congressman, he is not the only government official in his family. His younger brother, Kevin, is also a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives representing Pennsylvania’s 172nd district. In 2010, the Boyle brothers made history when they became the first brothers to serve together in the Pennsylvania House.

Brendan’s Father is a Custodian

I spoke a little earlier about Brendan’s ability to remain humble and focused. I have to believe that that is a trait that he inherited from his father. While most fathers would call it quits and enter retirement if both of his sons achieved successful careers, Mr. Boyle continues to work as a custodian for SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority). From the few encounters I have had with Mr. Boyle, I have to say that he is one of the nicest and selfless people I have ever met. This leaves no doubt in my mind about how Brendan himself is so friendly.

Brendan Grew Up in the District He Represents

While many politicians lack the familiarity and historical knowledge of the district they represent, Brendan knows almost every detail of Pennsylvania’s 13th District. That’s because he grew up within the district himself in Philadelphia’s Olney Neighborhood. I have some peace of mind knowing that Brendan will always do what’s in the 13th’s best interest because he has been a lifelong resident.

Although my internship is beginning to wind down, I still enjoy learning more about my boss. I’m proud to have a man like Brendan as both my boss and Congressman.


*The material listed above does not represent the views of Congressman Brendan Boyle and any opinions listed are solely mine.*